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The Many Worlds of Yoga

As the emphasis of fitness is becoming more and more widespread, many people turn to yoga for its spiritual and physical benefits.

Yoga has always been popular for its adaptability and calming nature while simultaneously paving the way for a leaner, more toned physique. But just like any other exercise regimen, personalization is key. By recognizing what you want, whether it’s a leaner body or a spiritual journey, you can begin to embark on an individualized yoga quest.

Don’t be afraid to explore the many different realms of yoga, each penned with its own essence and style. Try attending different yoga schools to find your perfect fit!


Ashtanga-”Power Yoga”

  • Fast paced and degree of difficulty ranges through six sequences
  • Exercises include lunges and pushups
  • Ashtanga is physically demanding, but you keep to your own pace to ensure coordination, weight loss and stamina buildup

Vinyasa-”Flow Yoga”

  • Focuses on a series of fluid positions with breathing. So prepare to move around!
  • Builds lean muscles and tones body by syncing breathing and motion


Hatha-Meditiation Oriented

  • Great for beginners or for those who want to unwind after a long day
  • The focus on slow, gentle, easy movements makes this the simplest school of yoga
  • Improves breathing and provides great stress relief

Kudalini-”Healthy, Happy, Holy”

  • Kudalini refers to the root chakra based in your lower spine
  • Focuses on bringing that energy outward through core exercises, breathing techniques, chanting, and meditating mantras


Yin Yoga-Passive Flexibility

  • Poses allow your body to release itself into positions, which provides continual stretching
  • Targets healthy opening of muscle, joints and tissue system

Iyengar-Strengthen and Align

  • Core focus lies in balance, alignment, and strength through the use of tools such as straps, blankets, and blocks
  • Poses are typically held for much longer so attention to precise muscle and skeleton placement is critical
  • Great for beginners, those with balance issues or chronically ill/injured


Bikram-”Hot Yoga”

  • Practiced in a 95-100 degree room
  • Flushes out toxins, deeply stretches muscles, cleanses body, enhances flexibility, speeds up injury recovery time

Restorative-Rejuvenation and Nourishment

  • Emphasize deep breathing, supporting stretches and connecting one’s emotions to release stress and emotional upset
  • An instructor will most likely ask you to tap into how you feel during each pose an acknowledge emotions

Many styles of yoga are a combination of foundational pillars that create a great interdisciplinary style. Yoga in itself is a spiritual journey you experience through your body. Opening up your mind and body to the powers of energy and self-acknowledgment can jumpstart the many aspects of your everyday life.

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