The project investigates and engineers the creation of blockchain applications in the design  and management of cities and buildings. The first prototypes were funded by the RGU pump priming fund.

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Project Researchers: Theo Dounas


Augmented Fashion

This project seeks to explore ways to educate the consumer about the sustainability, craftsmanship, heritage and value of traditional fashion and textile products, using a variety of mediums such as film and immersive technologies.

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Project Researchers: Yang Jiang, Josie Steed and Karen Cross


Civitas PORTIS

PORTIS has been undertaken as part of the EU Civitas movement. The project has aimed to enhance cooperation between cities and ports, create more sustainable and healthier city-port environments, shape more integrated transport infrastructure and mobility systems and improve the efficiency of urban freight transport.

Project Page: PORTIS @ Civitas

Project Researchers: Richard Laing, David Gray, Caroline Hood, Daria Belkouri, Graeme Baxter


Fraserburgh on Film

Fraserburgh on Film offers a unique glimpse in to the past by bringing together a series of films shot by residents of the town and its surrounding areas. The project aims to provide a place for people to learn, reminisce and reflect through the collation of films and other audio visual materials. The voices and images contained within, tell the stories from the North East in the very words spoken, and images created, by the people who lived and worked in the area over the years.

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Project Researchers: Peter Reid


Gweed Wirds - The Doric Literature Portal

This is the Doric Literature Portal (Doric is the dialect spoken here in North-East Scotland) and this project was a partnership with Aberdeen City Libraries, Aberdeenshire Libraries, Moray Libraries, and Aberdeen University's Elphinstone Institute.  It was funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council.

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Project Researchers: Peter Reid


Little Norway on the Moray Firth

The project tells the stories of exiled Norwegians and Danes during the Second World War in a town here in North-East Scotland and was part of European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

It is a partnership involving Buckie and District Fishing Heritage Centre and Professor Peter Reid and draws on archival sources, oral history testimony, personal narratives and storytelling, photographic collections (both publicly accessible such as the extensive holdings of the heritage society and those personally retained), newspaper reports and other sources to explore the stories of the Norwegian and Danish communities.

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Project Researchers: Peter Reid


My Orkney Story

My Orkney Story is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Workshop Fund. The project will bring together a wide range of stakeholders across four different research workshops to consider the opportunities and challenges of developing a digital story platform on the Orkney Isles.

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Project Researchers: Rachael Ironside, Stewart Massie, Donna Heddle (University of Highlands and Islands)


Orkney Folklore Trail

The Orkney Folklore Trail was delivered in 2019 funded by the RGU Pump Prim ing initiative. The project worked with local stakeholders including storytellers, illustrators and musicians to deliver an Android App trail of folklore on mainland Orkney.

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Project Researchers: Rachael Ironside, Stewart Massie and Tim Melcherson


Planning for Autonomous Vehicles (PAV)

PAV is an Interreg NSR-funded project that will help cities develop sustainable spatial planning strategies that include AVs. Beyond working directly with the partner cities, PAV can help other local authorities integrate autonomous mobility by making the necessary knowledge and methodology freely and easily accessible.

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Project Researchers: Richard Laing, David Gray, Daria Belkouri, Graeme Baxter and Marianthi Leon (now at UWE).